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The News/Info page includes information that is important to us and hopefully interesting to you as well.  This page is updated frequently and will include what we're up to, where we're going, and where we've been.  Press Releases, updates to Custom Cars, videos, etc. will display on this page.

Even though SGCC is known for "Producing Power One Car At A Time" there is more that we can talk about than finished projects. We find that Facebook and YouTube are good places to keep our fans informed of what is going on with us. Below are links to both sites. YouTube for videos and Facebook for basic news, updates and schedule information.

It is our hope that you will bookmark our News/Info page and come back frequently.

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Annual Formula High School Track Day
The annual Formula High School track day was held on April 25, 2010 at the Briggs & Stratton Motorplex. The Motorplex is located on the grounds of Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI. Road America is a world-class facility and also the largest road track in the United States.

The Formula High School students are dedicated and committed. Although it was rainy and windy, the 70 students stood with their cars, proudly displaying their sponsors' logos. Once the rain stopped, the students learned the basics of racing on wet concrete. Needless to say, some teams had real-world experience with the term "understeer."

Preble High School students work together as a complete team, and also as four smaller teams for their main sponsors. To determine who wins the bragging rights at the track, the average time is taken for each team from 3 different team drivers. This keeps teams from using just one good driver and also makes it more of a team event. The teams were responsible for repairing any issues at the track without teacher help. All the teams joined forces to help each other as needed. In other words, Preble students were helping out their competition so that all the students had a chance to race.

Here is a link to a map of the Briggs & Stratton Motorplex, the 2010 Schedule and the track day times.

Formula High School Track Day

Formula High School Concept Car for Briggs & Stratton
Formula High School has been asked to build a concept car for the Briggs & Stratton Company. Initial planning called for a car less than 10 ft. long and 66 inches wide. The engine to be a factory performance enhanced Briggs twin (50-70 hp) utilizing a CVT clutch and tied to a Ford 7.5 rear axle. The engine to sit just to the right of the driver for better front/rear weight balance. Important note: this car will not be driven by any of the students. The program was going to design and build a unique body for the car, but an opportunity presented itself for FHS to purchase a body design already put together. More information relating to this body design can be found at: On the left side of the website, under the word PAST, there are three sections about the DP 1 prototype. The FHS program will continue to use the M5 Formula FST body for years to come in order to provide continuity and growth in the program. With this in mind the owner of the current M5 body part molds has donated them to the FHS program. We at Sugar Grove Custom Cars, LLC. continue to be impressed with the FHS program and are very pleased and proud to be associated with it.  

Formula High School Concept Car for Briggs & Stratton

2010 FHS Car Sponsored By SGCC
The 2010 car sponsored by SGCC is nearing completion. This is a direct quote from the Director of the FHS program, "I just took the SGCC/Gold Medal BBQ car for a spin. It sounds AWESOME and was the smoothest running student vehicle I have tested so far."
Run 'N Gun Nationals 2010
SGCC is a sponsor for the 2010 Run 'N Gun nationals, to be held at Motorsports Park, in Hastings, Nebraska, September 23-25, 2010. All registrants will receive a coffee cup decorated with all sponsors' logos, ours included.  In addition, SGCC's logo will appear in Run 'N Gun ads in Kit Car Builder during June and August.  How cool! 
Kit Car Builder Magazine Features Formula High School
Formula High School is featured in the October 2009 issue of Kit Car Builder Magazine.  Read article, reprinted with permission.
Formula FST Racing at Nelson Ledges  
The SGCC Formula FST team went to Nelson Ledges Raceway (Ohio) and was able to complete the weekend.  More news, pictures and video will be posted soon.  But for now here is a link to info and results posted on ApexSpeed.  
SCCA Club Racing:  Rice Debuts Mysterian at Grattan
Click here:  

See racing footage:
SGCC Introduces Its New Mysterian M5 at Grattan
The SGCC Formula FST team left for Belding, Michigan on May 21st to participate in the first stop on the Formula First Driver's Assoc. National Series. Friday was a day to test and tune. Saturday and Sunday had both a morning and afternoon racing session.
Mysterian M5
It was exciting to race the new SGCC Mysterian M5 for the first time. Also adding to the excitement is that it was only the second SCCA racing weekend that Jared Timmerman had participated in. So basically SGCC went to Grattan with a new car and a new driver.

The new car and the new driver both survived the entire weekend. On Saturday, Jared came in 7th and had a fast lap time of 1:31.182. On Sunday he came in 6th with a fast lap time of 1:29.747. Overall Jared improved his time by 7 seconds from his slow time during the test and tune session to his fastest lap in the Sunday afternoon race.  See racing footage:,

It was a great weekend for learning and we appreciate all the input and help that we got from other teams. We are pleased with our M5 program progress so far and will continue to move forward with the development of the M5 so we can put Jared in the seat of an even better Iowa built FST car.

Formula High School Update
Sugar Grove Custom Cars, LLC. proudly sponsors a specialized program called Formula High School. Formula High School is a program put together by two instructors from Wisconsin; Jeremie Meyer (Preble High School in Green Bay) and Mike Besel (West De Pere High School in DePere). The Formula High School program allows teams of students to build a replica race vehicle in 8 months and then test it at the track. This years' program was a great success. The schools look forward to building six new cars next year. They also hope to expand the program to other interested high schools across the nation. If you are interested learning more about this amazing program, visit, the Press Release, or the Des Moines Register Article.

Read a report submitted by one of the teams:  FHS Report

2009-2010 FHS Brochure
First Car Show of 2009
SGCC showed significant support for the Special Olympics Benefit Car Show that was held in Adel, Iowa on May 16th.  Several cars were taken to the Dallas County Fairgrounds and put on display as part of a total car count of 70 cars.  The event was sponsored by the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.   

The 1932 Ford Roadster won Best of Show.  The 1926 Model T was selected as a Top Five winner.  And it was unanimous for Goin' Postal as it won the award for Most Likely to Get a Ticket.  Great cause, great turnout and a great day for a car show.  SGCC was pleased and proud to be a part of it.

1932 Ford Roadster 1926 Model T Goin' Postal
Best of Show Top Five Winner Most Likely to Get a Ticket

Getting Licensed For Competition Driving

In 2008, five drivers from SGCC completed a performance driving school put on by FAASST Performance  The rest of us echo the sentiment expressed in the testimonial shown below that was sent to FAASST by Jared:

"For five years I have been racing circle dirt in IMCA.  My goal in taking the FAASST Performance school was to learn how to race on a road course. This was important because I had signed up with Sugar Grove Custom Cars to drive for them on a National level.  I found the intense and complete instruction provided by the FAASST Performance School to be exactly what I needed for me to be successful. At the National Run and Gun Event I won my class. And I am confident that additional exposure to FAASST Performance through lapping sessions with more instruction will help me be successful as I compete for SGCC in 2009.

The FAASST School was perfect for SGCC since it is both SCCA and NASA accredited.  The Brunton SuperStalkers are NASA approved, but are not approved for SCCA Club Racing.  The Formula First cars are approved for SCCA Club Racing.  There is now cooperation between NASA and the SCCA when it comes to licensing requirements.  However, in the case of SGCC, the car used will ultimately decide who will sanction the race that the driver competes in.  In April we plan on completing our requirements to get a SCCA Novice Permit by attending a double driving school held at the Mid-American Motorplex located in western Iowa near Omaha.  See website:

More info relating to getting licensed by the SCCA can be found at      

Jared racing                     Jared racing                     Jared racing

1959 Nash Metropolitan Update

The Nash Metropolitan project is moving right along.  It has been built once and now is going back together with cosmetics.  The 1959 Nash Metropolitan Photo Gallery has some recent pictures that show how the project is progressing.  More complete information will be supplied after the car is finished and on the road actually making power. 


1926 Model T (update)

The pictures in the 1926 Model T Photo Gallery show how the build is progressing.  Be sure to check the "IMAGE INFO" below the large image of each photo in the photo gallery.  The car runs and sounds good.  Not much room in the dash area of a Model T, so part of the challenge has been where to put the a/c, heat, defrost, sound system, etc.  Needed because this car is intended to be a daily driver.  More pictures and information will be added as the build progresses.

1926 Model T 

Goin' Postal Update

These pictures reflect the before and after history of the custom Cobra that we call Goin' Postal.  As a red car it ran as a 9 second quarter mile drag car.  At the Run and Gun it drew attention as a blue street Cobra with a unique look.  The picture shown is on page 21 of the most recent Kit Car Builder Magazine and is shown as a part of an article on this year's National Run and Gun  


As you can see, we have mounted a flag that works in conjunction with the carb linkage.  When the flag is down the car is at full throttle. When up we consider the "male" to have been delivered.  In this case the parcel was Mike "Spanky" Knorr.



The First SGCC Built Prototype M-5 Arrives from the Chassis Builder

These pictures show what the basic car looks like before SGCC finishes the build. More M-5 info.



Mystique 5.1 Finishes on the Podium - American Road Race of Champions

Doug Seim drove the Mystique 5.1 to a third place finish at the American Road Race of Champions, Formula First Grand Prix in Atlanta Georgia. The Mystique 5.1 was the very first Mystique built by Kurt LeMay who called the car the M-5 hence its name. The car is a rolling test bed for many of the newer components that will be finding their way onto the production M-5’s. These include air ducting, exhaust system, shocks, springs and chassis set up.  See more photos and read input from Doug Seim and Robert Guhde.


Run 'N Gun Nationals 2008 - Gateway International Raceway, Madison, Illinois

Sugar Grove Custom Cars attended the event with 5 drivers and 7 cars. The Brunton Superstalkers were used for road racing, autocross and drag racing. Goin' Postal hit the track as part of the Run 'N Gun Experience. The Formula FST cars participated with some parade track time. Several awards were received, but the most significant was received by Jared Timmerman who participated in the Street Tire Class. He was first in autocross and road racing. And his 12.18 on the 1/4 mile track at Gateway was fast enough for him to be the event winner in the Street Class. Nice job Jared!!  

We are in the process of sorting through all the pictures and videos that were taken at the event. Soon we will put more detail on this website, including a video. Until then, these links may provide you with some interesting information:


Nationals website
Mr. Photoman Slideshow 2008
Mr. Photoman SGCC Photos
Videos from 2007: YouTube - A lap at Run 'N Gun 2007
  YouTube - Run n Gun SuperStalker 2007 (taken from car driven by Dennis Brunton)
Videos from 2008: Run 'N Gun Autocross Course 2008
SGCC Sponsors a Marathon Race Team
The 31st Annual Chicago Marathon was on October 12, 2008.  SGCC sponsored the race team of Keith, Craig, and Brian Benz.  It was just after 12:00 noon that Keith, Craig, and Brian Benz crossed the finish line.  See photos and read the story of their race day, written by Brian Benz. Junior Dragster All-Star Challenge 2008 sponsored a Junior Dragster All-Star Challenge on Saturday, October 11, 2008 at Eddyville Raceway Park (ERP).  The All-Star Challenge Pay-Out was as follows:  Winner $1,000, Runner-Up $ 500, Semi's
$ 250.  Note: All paid in Savings Bonds

The Junior Dragster All-Star Challenge was for racers who qualified.  Saturday, October 11, was slated to be a beautiful day of racing and ten of the fourteen qualifiers were on hand for the All-Star Challenge.

Qualifiers L to R Back row- Dakota Alison, Justin Clark, Alix Risse, Chad Bacon, Garret Chitty.

Front row- Halie Main, Robbie Massey, Chase Van Sant, Taylor Grimm, Jason Azbill Jr.

Not present- Heather Main, Tucker Kanselaar, Chelsea Bacon and Chris Labs

The racers took to the track at 10:00 a.m. starting out with two time trials leading into the first round. Advancing to the second round were Alix Risse, Taylor Grimm, Justin Clark, Robbie Massey and Halie Main. Alix Risse defeated Taylor Grimm and Robbie Massey took the win over Justin Clark who turned on the red light. Halie Main got the bye run to advance to the semi final round. Massey and Main lined up against each other in the semi final round where Massey red lighted; sending Main to the final round. Risse took the bye run down the track to advance to the final round where she would meet up with Main to make it an all-girl finale. Risse went -.049 red giving the win to Main. Later in the day Main went to the final round of the regular Jr. Dragster race where she lost to Dalton Dorsette.

In addition to winning the Jr. Dragster All-Star Challenge 2008, Halie Main, from Des Moines, also won the Halloween Jr. Dragster Nationals on Saturday - Bracket 1 class and the Halloween Jr. Dragster Nationals on Sunday - Age 13-14 class.  Proving she can win driving anything, Halie Main raced a golf cart in the pit vehicle race where she made it to the final round. Kyle Kramer was the winner of that race.

Halie Main & her family celebrate

Preble High School to make Mystique Jr. Kit Cars

SGCC is a proud sponsor of a specialized program dedicated to preparing students for careers in manufacturing and engineering at Preble High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin (  For more information on this program, see our Formula High School page.


2008 Run 'N Gun Nationals October 8-11, 2008

Run 'N Gun Nationals ( will be held at the Gateway International Raceway, Greater St. Louis Area (Madison, Illinois).  SGCC will send at least five Company built cars to the event.  Included are four Brunton SuperStalkers and we welcome Jared Timmerman (our new developing driver) as he helps us put our first Company built M-5 on the race track. This race is a great opportunity for anyone in the area to come see us and talk to us.  We will be at Space 29 - located middle west in the garage space complex.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

Jared Timmerman, New Driver for SGCC

We are excited to welcome Jared to our driving team.  Jared's past driving experience includes three years in IMCA Hobby Stock at Boone full time, while also racing at Stuart, Webster City, Cedar Rapids, and Marshalltown.  Jared finished 15th in points in 2006.  Jared is in his second year in IMCA SportMod at Boone full time, while also racing specials at Marshalltown, Knoxville and Stuart.  Qualified on the pole for 2007 Super Nationals in Boone and finished 5th.  Finished 6th in points in 2007.  Jared will drive the Formula FST and M-5 cars for SGCC at the upcoming Run 'N Gun nationals. 

FormulaCar Magazine Formula First Challenge Cup Race

SGCC made several adjustments to the prototype and entered the M-5 in it's first-ever race. Scott Meyer, in SGCC's M-5, earned pole position for the race and finished in second place, beaten only by the reigning 2-year champion, Greg Rice. See Press Release. No footage yet of the M-5, but here is a YouTube video of Formula Vees at this race. Our M-5 Formula First car is bigger and faster.

The driver of our M-5, Scott Meyer, wrote this message:
"Congratulations to Greg for a great drive to the front. I think it is going to be a long year for the rest of us. Also thanks to Jim, Mike, and Jarb from Sugar Grove Custom Cars, they were brave enough to let me drive the M-5 after purchasing it from me. Prior to this weekend I had only logged 12 laps in the M-5. I have to say that it is the best handling car that I have ever driven. It is a very fast car right out of the box. Kurt LeMay deserves a ton of credit for designing such an awesome car. Sugar Grove will be working on many improvements to the car including removing the engine fan and blue printing the motor."  

SGCC Provides Scholarships to Young Racers

We are very proud to be helping and working with young people who are interested in cars and racing. We currently provide some type of sponsorship for a young kart driver in St. Louis, the technology and engineering program at Preble High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin; and the entire Jr. Dragster program at Eddyville, Iowa.

  • SGCC's first scholarship has been awarded to Ryan Joehl, of the St. Louis, MO area. The scholarship money will help to support this young man and his adventures in TAG 60 Kart racing. Q & A and pictures of Ryan Joehl.

  • SGCC sponsors the Jr. Dragster All-Star Challenge Program at Eddyville Raceway Park (ERP), Eddyville, Iowa ( "We are super happy to host this program" said Gerald Kramer. The program will work as follows: At every ERP Points Program the class winner in the Jr. Class as well as the Consi-Jr Program will race off for a $50 savings bond. All points race winners and Consi-winners will qualify for an All-Star Special Race to be conducted on Oct 11, 2008 at ERP. That All-Star Special Race will be for the following: Winner $1,000 savings bond, Runner-Up $500 savings bond, Semi's $250 savings bond.


Des Moines Register, April 2008

Dallas Center Business Races into Custom Market, written by Joanne Boeckman


Mid-Iowa Newspapers, March 2008

Sugar Grove Custom Cars Buys California Company, written by Bob Eschliman


Sugar Grove Custom Cars, LLC. is Proud to Announce the Acquisition of Mystique Racing, February 2008

Sugar Grove Custom Cars, LLC. has acquired the assets of Mystique Racing, located in Northern California. Mystique Racing is the owner of the designs and tooling that is used to produce the M-5 Formula First Race Car. In March, the Company assets will be moved to Iowa where, after further development, the car will be offered for sale as either a constructor kit or as a complete car.

Mystique Racing will be competing with the factory prototype M-5 in FormulaCar Magazine’s 2008 Formula First Challenge Cup Series. This series will consist of ten races held over five different weekends at some of America’s finest road racing tracks. The first race weekend will be held April 4-6th at Roebling Road Raceway, located near Savannah, Georgia. Two Challenge Cup races will be held as part of the 45th Formula Vee Birthday Party. The new owner of Mystique Racing, Jim Woodsmall, feels that the Formula Vee Birthday Party will be a great place to showcase the beautiful design and construction of the Mystique M-5, “We are very excited to be participating in such a historic event as the Formula Vee Birthday Party. We feel that the Formula First class is the most exciting new formula car class to come along in some time; its unique combination of affordability, performance, and close racing will make it one of the fastest growing formula car classes available.”

Future Mystique M-5’s will be built at the Sugar Grove Custom Car facilities located in Dallas Center, Iowa. Continued product development will lead to a production car; scheduled to be available for retail sale by late 2008.

20th Annual Run 'N Gun, October 2007

Sugar Grove Racing (SGR) participated in the 20th Annual Run 'N Gun event held in October 2007 at Gateway International Raceway, Madison, Illinois. This event was for Replicar owners/builders and included road racing, drag racing, and autocross.

The team came back with first place plaques for all three events in the Street 4/6 Cylinder, Power Adder Class. They earned second place plaques for all three events in the Prepared 4/6 Cylinder, Power Adder Class. SGR was included in a March Kit Car Magazine article that featured this event. On page 35 you will see a good picture of both the Red and Black Brunton Automotive Super Stalkers that we took to the event. We enjoyed ourselves and did well, as did all of those driving Brunton cars.

The founder of the Company, Dennis Brunton, was a rock star. Following is a link on to a video that shows him doing a very fast lap at the event:


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