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Custom Cars/Trucks/Bikes

Building and producing Custom Cars, Trucks and Bikes is what SGCC is all about. Race Cars and Kit Cars are also considered in our Custom Cars category because they each have special features.

The talented builders at SGCC really enjoy the challenges connected with producing projects that meet or surpass the initial build program objectives. Review the projects shown below and determine for yourself how the builds are going, or have gone, in terms of meeting the original build objective.

If you would like to discuss a Custom build project, please give us a call at 515-992-4142. We may also be able to provide you with parts and sourcing information.

We invite you to check out our various Photo Galleries. The following projects were built or managed by SGCC. 



1926 Real Steel Model T - The build objective was to get the car back on the road as a daily driver and keep it as much Ford like as possible. This car was purchased from the running boards up. Built with an Esslinger modified 2300 Ford engine hooked up to a T-5 five speed tranny and a 9 inch Ford rear end. Car will have a/c, defrost, stereo system, and plenty of cup holders. The owner affectionately refers to this as his 1926 Ford Pinto. Frequently told, but we always laugh. Something about the customer "always being right" which we think may include being funny too. See Photo Gallery.





1932 Ford - The build objective was to build a Hot Rod that had popular appeal, but to give it a more modern look. The body is a Gibbons fiberglass body. Custom chassis, pro-built 700R4 tranny, ZZ4 SB Chevy crate motor, and a 9 inch Ford rear end. Power doors and trunk lid, electronic instrument panel, a short sidewall tire look, and the vent design on the sides of the hood help to give a modern twist to the classic look of a 32 Ford Roaster. Lots of Hot Rod fun and ghost flames too!!





1959 Nash Metropolitan - The build objective for this car was for it be modified with performance features, but still look like a Met. It now has a pro-built chassis designed for the ZZ4 SB Chevy crate engine hooked up to a performance 700R4 tranny and a 9 inch Ford rear end. As the build continues, emphasis will be kept on keeping much of the exterior and interior original so the car still has a Met feel to it. This includes keeping interior and exterior colors original.
This is the second Met for this owner and his wife. She has a nice, mostly original 1960 Met (red and white car to the right). SGCC has gone through her car and made it perform better and be safer by adding disc brakes and upgrading the car in vulnerable areas.
This couple is planning on attending Met and other car events to show both cars. She wants to present them as "Hers" and "His," but he prefers to show them as "Mild" and "Wild." We wonder who will win the naming game?

See Photo Gallery.










1937 Chevy - A new project for SGCC. First it was made to run and it sounds good. The project is in the planning stages, but current ideas call for it to be powered by an LS7 (Z06 Corvette) aluminum engine.





Cobra - This car initially was put together by someone else as a competitive 1/8 mile drag race car. SGCC had a 383 blown stroker engine put together and was looking for something to put the motor in. This car became available and it  was decided to make it street legal. With an eye toward some of the Hot Rod Magazine tours that require cars to run on the street before they tear up the drag street.





Custom Trucks




2003 Silverado SS Pickup - This truck is heavy, but it sure does run good. A ProCharger Supercharger has been added along with custom exhaust and lowering components. Now producing 500 hp at a conservative 5-6 pounds of boost. Most of the credit for making this ride sweet belongs to Advance Transmission located in Knoxville, Iowa.





FarmRod - The build objective for this 1950 F2 (3/4 ton) Ford pickup was to build a performance truck with later emphasis on exterior cosmetics. A pro-built 500 hp 383 stroker engine was hooked up to a performance 700R4 tranny and a 9 inch Ford rear end. Inside, the original seats were replaced with power seats and the air bag controls and stereo unit were tucked away in the dash compartment. For now, the outside patina will be left farm fresh. We fondly think of it as the SGCC shop truck. It makes going to the parts stores fun.





Custom Bikes




Wild Card - A custom Bobber Bike that was built from scratch. None of the actual build was done in house, but the design and the management of the project was a SGCC accomplishment. This Bike won first place in its division first time out. It was built to be shown, either by itself or as an ensemble piece with the 50 Ford FarmRod project. Lots of credit for the build goes to House of Horsepower (Des Moines) and Ed Head Graphics (Johnston).





TrikeBob - Another bike project that was not built in house. SGCC wanted to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of trike conversion. In order to be unique, SGCC commissioned the building of a Harley Street Bob into a trike using a kit purchased from the Darn Fine Trike Company. Credit for the build goes to Zylstra HD in Ames.





Harley UltraClass Trike - Basically the same story as TrikeBob. Again final build credit goes to Zylstra HD in Ames.


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